bluestone lodge #338
81 church st., hallstead, pa. 18822
Second Tuesday, at 7:00 o'clock and 30 minutes PM


Welcome to the home of bluestone lodge #338 f. & A. M.

A Letter from our New Worshipful Master;

    The new year has started and we will face old as well as new challenges. To the Officers of 2011 I say thank you for a great year. You all did an outstanding job. To the Officers of 2012 I say thank you also. Your willingness to step into new chairs and continue on in your Masonic Journey is proof that our lodge is truly strong. To the first time Officers of 2012 I thank you and promise you the support you will need to become Worshipful Masters of the future.

    As we face the next year we do face many hurdles. As I worked my way thru the chairs there was one thing that just about every Past Master told me to do,and that was have "FUN' with it. Hopefully we all can have fun with it, and I will do what I can to promote this. My hope is that our lodge will continue to grow with new membership. I also hope to see many of the current membership return to the lodge. We will do this by implementing my previous statement of "Having Fun With It".  We truly miss those members who have kind of slipped away from the lodge. My hope is that either deliberately or accidentally we can create a Lodge atmosphere that may stimulate their interest and draw them back

    As with all lodges, finances are of key importance. We will continue to create and utilize current fundraisers. We will also continue to do the Blood Drives, that are so important to us as well as to others. Hopefully we, as Masons, will be able to become more involved in our community and show them that we are part of it. We will continue to seek new Members and better strengthen our future.

    Brethren I guess what I am saying is that we need to be Masons and do what sets Masons apart from the rest of the world. We need to have fun, become involved, support the Lodge and support our friends and neighbors. I look forward to all your support in 2012 and you can count on me to ask for your advice. I hope you all have a great year as we move forward as a team to become better Masons. Have a "Great Year and May God Bless You All"
With True Masonic Pride,
Wesley A. Harris, WM